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Armand is the only potassium bicarbonate manufacturer in the United States, which means we can deliver our exceptional products faster and more reliably than other manufacturers.

When you purchase potassium bicarbonate from Armand, you’re getting more than just a world-class product that meets the highest standards of purity – you’re getting technical expertise, customer service, and sales support that are unrivaled in the industry. We’re proud of our products – experience them for yourself! Let us send you a sample.

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Armand Products potassium bicarbonate functionality

Our potassium bicarbonate products are used in many applications across a variety of industries, and are available in several grades, including USP, ACS, and Technical.

Source of potassium ions for chemical reactions
Source of buffered alkalinity
Replacement of sodium analogs in dietary restrictions
Faster reaction rate when substituted for sodium bicarbonate
Greater solubility than the sodium analogs, allowing for heavier loading where several compounds are mixed together
Improves final product or process properties through adsorption of moisture
Carbon dioxide generation

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